Parrots Bring Laughter to Your Home. The video is Bobo doing his strut for the camera yesterday. I was re-watching it today, and it made me laugh a little when I heard his feet go clickety-clack on our wood floor. You just can't watch it without smiling at least a bit! Well, my laugh cued the birds' laughter. Ever since... Continue Reading →

Talking Parrot: A Video. We had another glorious day of sun today, and the birds spent it basking on the couch by the window. The smallest one was particularly enamoured, as you can see in the video. Sunlight is rather flattering to his blues. Ptak has also, just by the by, mastered Mishka's song. It's quite adorable, as... Continue Reading →

How a Parrot Learns Its Name: Video. I thought this video about wild green-rumped parrotlets and their mimicry was well worth sharing. Parrots' names are not biological; they are derived in the nest. The experiment in this video examines eggs that are taken from one nest and placed in another. The most impressive thing, though, is not only do parrots have... Continue Reading →

Further evidence of my talking parrot. Just in case, y'know, you thought I was making it up or something. He's a little chatterbox. At the time of filming this, I was sneakily hiding behind O.'s computer monitor with just the camera lense poking out. I am allowed to look, but the camera isn't... if he spots it, he'll only make... Continue Reading →

Parrotlet says ‘tickle.’ Ptak has a new game... talking when you gently shake him.

Parrots and the Yearly Process of Moulting.

Ptak has become a scritches fiend... He keeps bowing his head and head-butting my finger whenever I ask him to step up. If I end a preening session too soon, he'll impatiently head-butt my finger. The mere mention of scritches makes him fluff up in anticipation. And sometimes he'll just bump into random things and fluff up... Continue Reading →

Parrots Love Jingle Bells.

My cockatiel won't stop singing Jingle Bells in my ear. Mishka thinks it's the most acoustically sound place to sing her songs. I haven't been blogging as often as I'd promised because, well, there wasn't a lot happening. O. went away last weekend, and Mishka spent the entire time pining. The horror! Ptak, of course, didn't... Continue Reading →

How to Teach Your Parrots to Talk.

I could never, ever give up my parrotlet. If you want personality and character in a tiny bird, celestial parrotlets are it. Ptak never stops going - he's always moving, always playing. I've learnt that you can't expect him to sit still with you - doing so will probably result in a bite. But if... Continue Reading →

Why I’ve Been Neglecting my Blog.

I've been so busy lately, I've been really neglecting my blog. I'll probably (hopefully) start posting more regularly once I get into a proper rhythm, but until then, I think every other day is a good starting point. I just know you all wait with bated breath for my every post. 😛 So what have I been... Continue Reading →

Ptak vs. the iPhone.

I learnt some things about the birds today: broccoli is FUN but not edible; Gotye hypnotises Ptak into sitting still for the longest time on record; Mishka has a chirp that sounds more and more decidedly like 'MA-LOO' (one of her nicknames); and Ptak has started to mimic my laugh. You can imagine my shock and amusement... Continue Reading →

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