Links of Interest

I’ll be updating this page of links and resources as I go along. There is more information still to be found amongst the posts I’ve done so far – you can easily access these by browsing categories or archives.


The Parrot’s Pantry (on Facebook).

Birdline Parrot Rescue (UK) recipes.

Elle’s Avian Cuisine.

Birdie Bootcamp.

The Leaf Lady – Dandelion health benefits.

The Whole Dog – Commercial Bird Pellets, Good Nutrition?

Cockatiel Cottage – good foods list.

Cooking for Parrots.

Bee pollen for animals.

Tea for parrots (and further nutritional information).

Hungry Bird.

Avian Ambitions.

Feathered Angels Blog – recipes.

The Parrot’s Pantry


Avian Rescues:

Animal Rescues UK – Directory.

Birdline Parrot Rescue – UK.

Island Parrot Sancuary (IPS) – Scotland.

Phoenix Landing,  – U.S.

The Gabriel Foundation.


Taming, Training, and Behaviour:

Island Parrot Sanctuary.      Parrot enrichment and foraging.

Avian Enrichment.      Greg Glendell’s companion parrot care site.     

Avian Education and Resource Centre.      Avian Web.       Bird-Clicks Yahoo group.     

A Bird’s Best Life.     Avian ambassadors.       

Best in Flock Blog.      Barbara Heidenreich.        Sid Price’s Blog.

Liberty Wings.       Lara Joseph’s Blog.      Scarlett’s Parrot Essentials.

Foraging and Fun.         Carly Lu’s Flight Blog.          The New Century Parrot.

Natural Encounters.          Behaviour Works with Susan G Friedman. 


Avian Health:

Common household hazards to your avian – Birds and Exotics.

Poisonous foods for birds.

Avoiding teflon – the Good Human.

Birds ‘N Ways – Poisons.

How to safely towel a parrot – Happy Birdie Forums.

Hormones – Pamela Clark Online.

Cage sizing guide – Doctors Foster and Smith.

First Aid – FunTime Bird.


Bird Blogs:

The Finsters.        Botanical Reflections.             Pamela Clark’s blog.         

Animal education foundation.       The Puddings and Toyboys.      Love and Feathers.       

Avian Welfare Chronicles.     Parrot Nation.        Lara Joseph’s behavioural blog.

Budgieopolis.      Diary of a Kooky Parrot           Wazeau’s World.

Harley Bird.           Speaking for Parrots.        My Grey Pal.

Feathered Adventures.      A Feathered Point of View.        Feathered Fiends.

A Story on Wings.        In Loco Parrotus.        Rational Parrot Blog.       Good Bird Inc.

Bazzy and Jerry.          Jamieleigh’s Parrot Help          Let’s Talk Birds.          

Sarah and Parrot.         The Bird Bloggist.        Rico Bird.

World of Birds.          Positive Parrot.           Taming of the Too        Coco’s Flock


Parrot Forums and Online Groups: 

Fluff and Feathers (Facebook).

The Parrot’s Workshop.

The Parrot’s Patio.

The Parrot Club.

BirdTricks Facebook group.




Interesting Things:

Rumpy Dog’s Animal Welfare Blog.         The Girl in the Orange.

Emotionless Brain.           Wildlife Education by Bernie.        Pandionna         


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  1. I thought I have look through your Links of Interest but now only I realized I didn’t….. Wow, you got a big well categorized links page!! Thanks for your generous sharing of avian information with other bird lovers in the internet, you have done a good job!!

    Well Done, Avianstudent!!!!
    And… a big thank!!!


    1. And thanks for reading! I’m always glad when people drop a comment to let me know that they find the info useful. I started this blog because I wished (as a new owner) that I’d had something like this. Now it’s become a place to store all my research, haha.

      Let me know if there’s anything you think of that I could add, or see anything you might like to see changed!


  2. What’s the secret to identifying birds?

    It’s not an easy question to answer.

    More than 700 kinds of birds live in North America and more than 10,000 worldwide, enough variety to keep anyone absolutely amazed for a lifetime.

    But you probably know other people that are able to accurately identify just about every bird.

    How do they do it? Do they know some “birding” secret that you don’t?

    Actually, yes, they do!

    And today I’m going to show you one of my favorite birding pursuit strategies of all time: the Eagle Eye Approach:


  3. To Sarah: I just read your article on Cockatoo’s. I am so thankful I found your article. Thank you for sharing it. I am an owner of 2 Gouldian Finches, and a former owner of Conures, Lovebirds and Cockatiels, and a future owner of a Senegal Parrot. I can’t thank you enough for your article. It was enlightening and wonderful. Thank You.


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