[Mildly] Successful Parrot Blogs: How to Have One.

While I don't consider Students with Birds Blog a massively successful endeavour, I do think it is doing okay for a small-timer, and I'm proud of it. Three-hundred-some followers, hey, I'll take it. That number does seem tiny compared to those blogs with thousands of subscribers, but writing about a highly focussed, narrow topic like... Continue Reading →

A Parrot (and Family) in Need.

Puffy is a beautiful, good-natured, and loving greater sulfer crested cockatoo who has had a devastating accident. Her health from her past wasn't good - she had serious internal damage from the bad diet she was fed before being re-homed - but it is and was slowly improving. Unfortunately, however, this sulfur-crested cockatoo had a... Continue Reading →

Tough Questions for Bird Owners.

There are many tough questions that many bird owners face. For instance: When to give up your bird? With a pet that lives upwards of fifty years, it's a consideration that almost has to come into your mind sometime. ¬†Unless you get a baby bird while you yourself are very young, chances are you simply... Continue Reading →

‘Hi, Mavi!’

So declared this bundle of adorableness as I walked in the door to meet him. Maverick is a 4.5 year-old Senegal Parrot. We adopted him from a lovely couple who had to give him up due to personal reasons. He was well loved and cared for ('I LOVE you, Mavi') and is very handsome -... Continue Reading →

The Holiday Pet.

Please, this holiday season, do not buy a surprise pet for your loved one. This is the season when a new puppy, kitten, bunny, or bird under the tree is most tempting - it's cute, charming, and memorable... that is, until the excitement of a new pet wears off. Suddenly that pet becomes a burden.... Continue Reading →

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