Seven Reasons Why Parrots Are Not Good Pets.

Are parrots good pets? What is owning one like? In my opinion, no, they are not good pets at all - caring for them properly will consume your life, not that this is necessarily a bad thing. This article was inspired by my previous post, where I realised that I never defined why I feel parrots... Continue Reading →

For and Against the Breeding of Pet Parrots.

  I recently read a post on the Feathered Angels Blog that sums up perfectly what I feel about the responsible breeding of parrots. It spurs us to ask ourselves if can there really be such a thing as 'responsible' breeding, when few birds remain in their forever homes - even those specially selected by breeders? The... Continue Reading →


I realised today that I haven't blogged since my arrival - nearly three weeks ago. It both does and doesn't feel as though it's been so long. But it's definitely time to return to blogging again. What have I been up to? Well, the birds haven't arrived yet as we're waiting on the last piece... Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of Buying a Parrot (Abridged Version).

Top pros and cons of buying and owning a parrot. (Click here for the canary and finch version.) Cons: Mess: Birds fling their food, produce feather dust, moult once a year, and poop without discretion. Noise: Parrots scream. They do this to alert you to their mood, be that happy, sad, angry, bored, frustrated, etc.... Continue Reading →

Plucked Parrots Are Beautiful, Too.

Please, do not buy parrots. I will let a few images speak for themselves: You can find more photos from the Sanctuary here and here.

On Re-Homing a Bird: Five Becomes Four.

O. and I visited the Island Parrot Sanctuary on Kerrera yesterday with three lovely ladies. It was a fantastic trip. Even the weather held up! As we came in, it was cloudy and a bit cool. Then it warmed up as the sun came out. And... Truly... Clouds or no, Kerrera is a place you... Continue Reading →

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