Our Love for These Animals.

I don't know where to start. We lost Mishka the cockatiel on 31 December 2013. There are no words. She got trapped in a door as she tried to slip in. We are heartbroken. And I share because I want readers to take something from this. I thought for the briefest, shocked moment that perhaps... Continue Reading →

What To Do If You Got a Parrot For Christmas (or Your Birthday).

Parrots are honestly not good presents, but that doesn't mean that people don't give them anyway. If you got a parrot, canary, or finch as a gift, the first step is to educate yourself. Find out about good diet, basic parrot or finch care,and training, to start. Arm yourself with knowledge. You will need to make a... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays from a very silly Senegal Parrot! I'm very glad that I started a blog over one year ago.  

Tips for Getting Your Parrot to Eat Vegetables or Unfamiliar Foods.

So you know the three essential, but ultimately simple, skills for feeding your pet birds - chop, grain bakes, and sprouts. You feed a pellet base (or maybe not, depending on your views), and save the seeds and nuts for much-loved treats. Fresh vegetables and fruits make up the main part of the diet - but, your... Continue Reading →

Tough Questions for Bird Owners.

There are many tough questions that many bird owners face. For instance: When to give up your bird? With a pet that lives upwards of fifty years, it's a consideration that almost has to come into your mind sometime.  Unless you get a baby bird while you yourself are very young, chances are you simply... Continue Reading →

Parrots Aren’t the Only Birds That Talk…

We already knew that birds are incredible mimics, but did you know that starlings can talk? A kindy teacher in New Zealand rescued a fallen baby starling when she was on a walk, but it's almost certain that she never expected what came next... You can watch the full video (including lots of Buddy the... Continue Reading →

Remembering Charlie.

It's been one year since Charlie died.This blog is dedicated to helping improve the lives of 'insignificant' birds like him (and I know I haven't been blogging lately; for that I apologise). You see, our Charlie was a very special canary. He was cheeky, clever, and friendly in his own independent way. No, he was... Continue Reading →

Koko the Invisible.

Let's give blogging via the mobile app a try. I've found out today that Phoenix Landing Parrot Rescue has a seminar near where I live in Maryland on the 28th, so I'm going to go. Step one towards starting my own organisation, I guess! Maybe I can get involved in education through them - which... Continue Reading →


I realised today that I haven't blogged since my arrival - nearly three weeks ago. It both does and doesn't feel as though it's been so long. But it's definitely time to return to blogging again. What have I been up to? Well, the birds haven't arrived yet as we're waiting on the last piece... Continue Reading →

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