Breed Vs. Species.

What's the difference between breeds and species? Parrots and other birds have individual species; dogs and cats have breeds within their canine and feline species. But what's the real definition of the two, and why are parrots referred to as belonging only to a 'species'? The words 'breed' and 'species' refer to two different things: Animal husbandry and... Continue Reading →

Harness Training My Senegal Parrot: Begun.

I needn't have worried about working with Mavi's wings! After three sessions of training - about 10 minutes each, max - I am now able to put my fingers under his wings, either hand on either side, and lift them up. We're not quite there yet, but he has made enormous progress. I started by setting... Continue Reading →

Talking Parrots. Maverick the Senegal says his name for the camera... Wee parrotlet Ptak is the chattiest of all our flock; Mishka, the cockatiel, doesn't talk much - save for a rather evil impression of my laugh and an iPhone camera shutter noise. Mavi does say a few things, currently, but his forte is in mimicking... Continue Reading →

How a Parrot Learns Its Name: Video. I thought this video about wild green-rumped parrotlets and their mimicry was well worth sharing. Parrots' names are not biological; they are derived in the nest. The experiment in this video examines eggs that are taken from one nest and placed in another. The most impressive thing, though, is not only do parrots have... Continue Reading →

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