The Importance of Sun to Parrots

Parrots need sunlight. It has been instrumental in the healing of our umbrella cockatoo, Bobo, since he went to live at the Island Parrot Sanctuary in Scotland (and for the mental and physical recovery of all parrots there), and it has helped my birds, too, although they are not emotionally traumatised as Bobo was. If... Continue Reading →

Chop-Chop: Get cooking for Parrots

Chop for parrots is simpler than you ever imagined: Faster and easier even than grain bakes. As you may guess from this post, I, too, am a chop convert. The concept: Put ingredients into a food processor and press the button to grind it up finely enough that the flock can't pick bits out. It really is... Continue Reading →

For and Against the Breeding of Pet Parrots.

  I recently read a post on the Feathered Angels Blog that sums up perfectly what I feel about the responsible breeding of parrots. It spurs us to ask ourselves if can there really be such a thing as 'responsible' breeding, when few birds remain in their forever homes - even those specially selected by breeders? The... Continue Reading →

Cuddles Mean Sex.

Good, now that I have your attention, let's talk about cuddling and what you're really telling your parrot when you snuggle up and pet him outside of his head, neck, and feet! Ari the Greenwinged Macaw is defending his mate (he is warning me AND her by beak-bashing, vocalising, and puffing up his feathers). When... Continue Reading →

Eleven Easy Tips for Getting Your Parrot to Enjoy Bath-Time.

Bathing and showering are incredibly important to a bird, promoting good feather health, acting as a source of enrichment, and helping an avian respiratory system be at its best. In answer to the question of 'how often should my parrot bathe,' baths should be offered once a week in the winter, and as many times... Continue Reading →

Eleven Ways Owning Parrots has Changed Me.

Owning parrots has changed me and my life - in some ways for the better, and (in the view of some, anyway), many ways not. Here is a reflection of how my life has morphed: Learning to forgo make-up. I could spend that time putting on make-up, or I could fill those foraging toys/chop veggies/Hoover... Continue Reading →

Celestial Parrotlets as Pets: A Guest Series.

What is life like with a parrotlet? Forpus Coelestis - a very fiesty bird. I've been planning an ongoing feature for 2014 where I strive to get other bloggers and bird owners from the forums where I'm involved (if mostly lurking counts as 'involved!) here on Students with Birds. This series will feature real owners'... Continue Reading →

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