Koko the Invisible.

Let's give blogging via the mobile app a try. I've found out today that Phoenix Landing Parrot Rescue has a seminar near where I live in Maryland on the 28th, so I'm going to go. Step one towards starting my own organisation, I guess! Maybe I can get involved in education through them - which... Continue Reading →


I realised today that I haven't blogged since my arrival - nearly three weeks ago. It both does and doesn't feel as though it's been so long. But it's definitely time to return to blogging again. What have I been up to? Well, the birds haven't arrived yet as we're waiting on the last piece... Continue Reading →

Impromptu Bird Toys.

My flock can be picky about toys. Too big - too scary. Too colourful - distasteful. Too plastic - too boring. Too cottony - Mishka will hang herself on it and scare me to death (never again). But the best toy I ever gave them is (apparently) the end of a toilet roll. We buy inexpensive... Continue Reading →

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