Days 23-25 – Dream Birds, Sleep, and Memories.

I realised most of the way through this challenge that I cut out day number 21 when the challenge image was moved into column format! Whoops. I can't remember what it even was, so I guess I'll make something up. Day 23: Dream bird? My list is endless, really, haha. I love them all. Truly,... Continue Reading →

31 Day Bird Blogging Challenge – Day 1

I keep seeing lots of blogging challenge things circulating through WordPress, but they never quite fit what I blog about - the birds. So I made my own. It's not as fancy as the ones other people have made, but I just used Paint, haha. I figure having this will give me something easy to... Continue Reading →

First Challenge, and a Funny Video. I talk about a lot, especially since Bobo's come home. Let's just say that I knew from reading that site that it's no easy path with a 'too in the house. I feel it's a message worth repeating again and again. And, okay, 'not an easy path' is a huge understatement. It is... Continue Reading →

A Bird Blogging Challenge To Myself.

So, I've been thinking about blog posts I can do in the future... I like a balance between sharing adorable/funny/vaguely interesting birdie stories, and putting up some more informational posts (which bring in the Google hits, haha). In all of this, I realised I could do a weekly topic of discussion. The time I'll be... Continue Reading →

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