Positive Vs. Negative Reinforcement in Training

What’s the difference between Positive and Negative Reinforcement? Is negative reinforcement bad? This is, I think, my number one pet peeve in the animal training communities. I've actually seen folks absolutely jump on others who proclaim to use negative reinforcement, equating it to punishment - when, in fact, that is not the case at all.... Continue Reading →

Strange Moment of the Day.

Strange moment of the day: Pip, our canary, was so excited about breakfast that she dove under my fingers as I was pouring the seeds from my palm. Her head was touching me - a big no-no in her book; she is a strictly hands-off bird - and she merrily ate away. It was only when I... Continue Reading →

Harness Training My Senegal Parrot: Begun.

I needn't have worried about working with Mavi's wings! After three sessions of training - about 10 minutes each, max - I am now able to put my fingers under his wings, either hand on either side, and lift them up. We're not quite there yet, but he has made enormous progress. I started by setting... Continue Reading →

Training, and Choosing the Right Reinforcer For Your Bird.

I had an interesting search from Google show up under my stats today. I thought I should talk about it... 'Can you just praise your parrot during clicker training if treats from hands are difficult?' Assuming that the bird bites or is unwilling to take food (not the owner having an issue juggling both clicker... Continue Reading →

Feather Tattoos.

I have had one tattoo for years, a treble/bass heart-shape. It's not unique or anything, but I think it's cute (and small, meaningful, yet inoffensive and concealable) and have no regrets about stamping it permanently on my foot! They say that tattooing is addictive, and maybe it is. I enjoy them as an art form.... Continue Reading →

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