Project Love: Toys for Parrot Rescues.

I keep meaning to mention Project Love on the Parrots' Workshop. This is a fundraising drive for three amazing rescues, one of which is the Island Parrot Sanctuary (TIPS) - where our umbrella cockatoo, Bobo, now happily resides. He is doing incredibly well, and has been described as a completely different bird! TIPS gives 80+... Continue Reading →

Is Blow-Drying Safe for Parrots?

I thought talking about this would make a good post, as it's been on my mind for a long time now. Blow-drying is not good for your bird in two ways: First, it can dry out a parrot's skin. This is most relevant because many will begin to pluck when their skin feels itchy and... Continue Reading →

Breed Vs. Species.

What's the difference between breeds and species? Parrots and other birds have individual species; dogs and cats have breeds within their canine and feline species. But what's the real definition of the two, and why are parrots referred to as belonging only to a 'species'? The words 'breed' and 'species' refer to two different things: Animal husbandry and... Continue Reading →

What To Do If You Got a Parrot For Christmas (or Your Birthday).

Parrots are honestly not good presents, but that doesn't mean that people don't give them anyway. If you got a parrot, canary, or finch as a gift, the first step is to educate yourself. Find out about good diet, basic parrot or finch care,and training, to start. Arm yourself with knowledge. You will need to make a... Continue Reading →

A Parrot (and Family) in Need.

Puffy is a beautiful, good-natured, and loving greater sulfer crested cockatoo who has had a devastating accident. Her health from her past wasn't good - she had serious internal damage from the bad diet she was fed before being re-homed - but it is and was slowly improving. Unfortunately, however, this sulfur-crested cockatoo had a... Continue Reading →

Somewhat-Wordy Wednesday.

These have been done for a Facebook contest. Feel free to share, as this is such an important message at this time of year. Please, don't give parrots or other animals as gifts this season.

Tips for Getting Your Parrot to Eat Vegetables or Unfamiliar Foods.

So you know the three essential, but ultimately simple, skills for feeding your pet birds - chop, grain bakes, and sprouts. You feed a pellet base (or maybe not, depending on your views), and save the seeds and nuts for much-loved treats. Fresh vegetables and fruits make up the main part of the diet - but, your... Continue Reading →

How to Teach a Bird to Step Up.

How to teach your parrot to step up: If you need to teach your bird to step up - and many do need to be taught - this is straightforward enough. First, ignore the people who tell you to force it. The advice that suggests moving your hand rapidly towards a bird's lower belly can be severely harmful... Continue Reading →

Tough Questions for Bird Owners.

There are many tough questions that many bird owners face. For instance: When to give up your bird? With a pet that lives upwards of fifty years, it's a consideration that almost has to come into your mind sometime.  Unless you get a baby bird while you yourself are very young, chances are you simply... Continue Reading →

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