Greetings from the Flock

We're back! I don't know for how long, but I hope to post a bit more frequently than, you know, not at all. Long story made very short, I've been working long hours to keep the flock supplied with toys, and focussing on them when I'm home, rather than posting. Ptak loathes any device that... Continue Reading →

[Insert Clever Title Here.]

It's been a strange month so far. A real high was getting to visit the Island Parrot Sanctuary. A relative low (just bittersweet, really) was making the decision to leave Bobo there. It's not often that we leave a bird - usually we're coming back with one! Still, it was the right decision. Another low was the... Continue Reading →

Cage-less Sleeping Arrangements For Your Bird.

Cage-less sleeping has worked out pretty well for us so far. I'm not brave enough to try cage-less living for my flock, as I do feel the cage plays an important role in a parrot's safety - particularly when owners have to leave the house.  But at night, our cockatiel enjoys sleeping in the room... Continue Reading →

Talking Parrot: A Video. We had another glorious day of sun today, and the birds spent it basking on the couch by the window. The smallest one was particularly enamoured, as you can see in the video. Sunlight is rather flattering to his blues. Ptak has also, just by the by, mastered Mishka's song. It's quite adorable, as... Continue Reading →

Parrotlet says ‘tickle.’ Ptak has a new game... talking when you gently shake him.

Ten Really Excellent Reasons to Own a Parrotlet.

A parrotlet is light enough to land on two (upright) pieces of paper without bending them. They're cute when they yawn. And they're cute when they're angry. Just generally cute, really. They're small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. And are very into fashion/jewellery. They know what light is most flattering (this... Continue Reading →

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