Success: Remember, Progress Comes in Modest Increments. I don't usually post more than one thing in a day, but technically it's Monday now, and I'm too excited to wait. In my quest to help Maverick get on with my boyfriend, I put O. in charge of his bird chores, so that our Senegal Parrot associates him with lots of good things,... Continue Reading →

Canary Singing: A Video. Gloster Canary Pip loves to sing along to me playing viola. I'm just noodling around in the video... I'm not concentrating on what I'm playing at all, so I mess up Bach a few times, haha. The point is Pip! My canary is cute.  

Stealth Bird.

We put Mishka on the table beside us while we had a nap. This is what happened: And that, above, is what I saw when O. flicked on the light. Mishka pretended she'd started out there all along, and we went with it. It's best not to upset the creeper bird.

Maverick will lie like this all day, if you let him. With his feet up like that, it's actually called Bronco'ing. This is a position Senegal Parrots are known to love. They will often flip themselves onto their backs just to lay that way. It can be a defensive posture, though, as this puts the... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Senegal Parrot Maverick!

Our newest flock member, Maverick, is a lovely boy. I have to say again, we're so happy to have him join our flock - but the experience is bittersweet. His owners, as I mentioned, had to give him up for personal reasons, and so while we're excited, it's still heartbreaking to imagine. I know I'd... Continue Reading →

‘Hi, Mavi!’

So declared this bundle of adorableness as I walked in the door to meet him. Maverick is a 4.5 year-old Senegal Parrot. We adopted him from a lovely couple who had to give him up due to personal reasons. He was well loved and cared for ('I LOVE you, Mavi') and is very handsome -... Continue Reading →

Canaries Are Wonderful Pets. He used to help me wash dishes. I miss that little bird! For the rest of our flock, I ordered some nice new toys today from a place called My dad offered to buy some bird stuff as a Christmas present, and me being me, I only just got round to it. We've... Continue Reading →

A Tip Concerning Water for Bird Owners. People always talk about how smart their pets are (and they are) but it's not as often that you hear about the silly moments. I happened to catch one of our cockatie's ahem, 'moments,' on video. Not her worst one to be sure, but it still made us laugh! Anyway, I recently thought of... Continue Reading →

Parrotlets, Psychotic Cockatiels, and Pie.

I like taking photos. Most of the time, I'm too lazy to go and get my actual camera, let alone set up a proper shot, but nevertheless, it's still something I enjoy. It also means I have plenty to supplement my blog posts with if I haven't got much to say. My week has been... Continue Reading →

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