New Blog Theme – What Do You Think?

Hmm, I've decided that I need to interject a little more colour into my blog. What do you think of the theme? It feels like I've only just changed it, but I stumbled across this on my WordPress reader and quite liked it! I'm definitely a black and white kind of girl, so choosing a... Continue Reading →

Fundraising – and a thank you.

I have to give a heart-felt thank you to the people who have donated, re-blogged, or shared my post since last night. You brought the biggest smile to my face. I actually don't have words for how touched I am. I'll put my email towards the bottom of this post, and if you've donated, or choose... Continue Reading →

(Relatively) Shameless Fundraising.

I have made several phone calls today, one of which was to the NY, NY port of entry in the United States. They gave me a quote for the two birds' quarantines, plus paperwork, and it totals around $1,000. That's before vet checks and paying for shipping and assorted fees  (which I know will be... Continue Reading →

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