Positive Vs. Negative Reinforcement in Training

What’s the difference between Positive and Negative Reinforcement? Is negative reinforcement bad? This is, I think, my number one pet peeve in the animal training communities. I've actually seen folks absolutely jump on others who proclaim to use negative reinforcement, equating it to punishment - when, in fact, that is not the case at all.... Continue Reading →

Difference Between a Parrotlet and a Budgie (or Parakeet).

There is a big difference between parrotlets and parakeets - more commonly known as Budgerigars, or budgies. First, it's important to note that 'parakeet' refers to a wide range of parrots from around the world. The word itself means simply, 'long tail.' There are many types of parakeets, and yes, budgies are one species of... Continue Reading →

Day 7 – Avian Annoyances.

The thing I love most about my flock is how dynamic they all are. Everyone is an individual. Likes and dislikes vary as much as the colours of the birds themselves. Pip is the best bird in my flock - in complete seriousness, she is neither noisy nor messy, and doesn't bite. I have never... Continue Reading →

Concerning Cockatoos and Other Pet Parrots.

Cockatoos are dangerous. I'm here to try and convince you not to buy one. Or buy any parrot, that is. I wish everyone could go to an avian rescue and see the inhabitants there. I wish also that everyone could see the Island Parrot Sanctuary and meet parrots who cannot live with people, through no... Continue Reading →

Zoo Photo Shoot.

No, this post isn't what you might think. I'm mostly okay with zoos, at least the ones I've experienced. When the enclosures are enriched, spacious, and have private shelters for the animals, I think they are no bad thing! They can educate kids and adults alike, and besides, a lot of the animals were donated... Continue Reading →

Dealing With a Hormonal Cockatoo and His Bites.

I got Bobo out on my own today, and everything was going okay up until a point. We had been playing some relatively low-energy games and dancing/singing a bit, and I sat down on the couch. Of course Bobo had to join. I started to slowly realise that he was nesting in the fleece blanket... Continue Reading →

Introducing Bobo, the Umbrella Cockatoo.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZcwq0GKnQI&feature=youtu.be I said to myself, 'No more new birds in the house...' And I especially said, 'No white cockatoos!' But then I met Bobo. So ::shuffle shuffle:: I guess this is his introductory post! His age is unknown, but he is definitely an adult. He spent two years locked in a greenhouse, although the time before... Continue Reading →

Senegal Behaviour: Charging. (AKA Maverick loses it.)

Mavi had a bit of a... meltdown... today. He'd bitten my knuckle once as we were sitting at my laptop. It was my fault, as I just hadn't been paying attention. But it told me what kind of mood he was in, so I let him go off to sit and watch our parrotlet. Everything... Continue Reading →

Cage-less Sleeping Arrangements For Your Bird.

Cage-less sleeping has worked out pretty well for us so far. I'm not brave enough to try cage-less living for my flock, as I do feel the cage plays an important role in a parrot's safety - particularly when owners have to leave the house.  But at night, our cockatiel enjoys sleeping in the room... Continue Reading →

Issue of the Week: Owning Exotic Pets.

I thought I would start with a real zinger of an issue - and at what I consider the beginning. There can be no further issues to discuss without myself having first owned an exotic pet, in this case, parrots. I feel that here I should define what I'm calling exotic. Consulting the wide world... Continue Reading →

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