Positive Vs. Negative Reinforcement in Training

What’s the difference between Positive and Negative Reinforcement? Is negative reinforcement bad? This is, I think, my number one pet peeve in the animal training communities. I've actually seen folks absolutely jump on others who proclaim to use negative reinforcement, equating it to punishment - when, in fact, that is not the case at all.... Continue Reading →

Three Birds and a Cloud – a Name Change

Students with Birds blog began on a whim in late 2012 and has grown to be something I'm quite proud of. While I love that name and what it represented, it is true no longer! I've graduated, no longer a student, of course, and have been left ruminating over ideas for longer than I'd like... Continue Reading →

Looking at Parrots as People.

Some people ask: 'Is it harmful to refer to a pet parrot as a fid?' It falls under the same argument of whether we should treat our birds like kids. Yes, there are those who have argued that this term of endearment encourages owners to anthropomorphise their birds - which means we assign human qualities... Continue Reading →

Good News!

I got a text today from O. saying that the birds' final piece of paperwork came! We do have to renew one other paper (and get in contact with their courier again), but the piece that's missing was the one that came to us overnight. Fingers crossed. Hopefully they'll be home soon! 😀

Tough Questions for Bird Owners.

There are many tough questions that many bird owners face. For instance: When to give up your bird? With a pet that lives upwards of fifty years, it's a consideration that almost has to come into your mind sometime.  Unless you get a baby bird while you yourself are very young, chances are you simply... Continue Reading →

Koko the Invisible.

Let's give blogging via the mobile app a try. I've found out today that Phoenix Landing Parrot Rescue has a seminar near where I live in Maryland on the 28th, so I'm going to go. Step one towards starting my own organisation, I guess! Maybe I can get involved in education through them - which... Continue Reading →

Days 23-25 – Dream Birds, Sleep, and Memories.

I realised most of the way through this challenge that I cut out day number 21 when the challenge image was moved into column format! Whoops. I can't remember what it even was, so I guess I'll make something up. Day 23: Dream bird? My list is endless, really, haha. I love them all. Truly,... Continue Reading →

(Relatively) Shameless Fundraising.

I have made several phone calls today, one of which was to the NY, NY port of entry in the United States. They gave me a quote for the two birds' quarantines, plus paperwork, and it totals around $1,000. That's before vet checks and paying for shipping and assorted fees  (which I know will be... Continue Reading →

Dealing With a Hormonal Cockatoo and His Bites.

I got Bobo out on my own today, and everything was going okay up until a point. We had been playing some relatively low-energy games and dancing/singing a bit, and I sat down on the couch. Of course Bobo had to join. I started to slowly realise that he was nesting in the fleece blanket... Continue Reading →

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