Introducing Bobo, the Umbrella Cockatoo. I said to myself, 'No more new birds in the house...' And I especially said, 'No white cockatoos!' But then I met Bobo. So ::shuffle shuffle:: I guess this is his introductory post! His age is unknown, but he is definitely an adult. He spent two years locked in a greenhouse, although the time before... Continue Reading →

Strange Moment of the Day.

Strange moment of the day: Pip, our canary, was so excited about breakfast that she dove under my fingers as I was pouring the seeds from my palm. Her head was touching me - a big no-no in her book; she is a strictly hands-off bird - and she merrily ate away. It was only when I... Continue Reading →

Learning About my Pet Parrots.

I learn something new about the birds each week, if not each day. For instance, this past week, I've learnt a number of things about each: Mishka likes to stare out the bedroom window. She'll do it for hours on end, singing at anyone who walks past. Maverick LOVES pistachios. He also has a Yoshi... Continue Reading →

Cockatoo (No Longer) Looking For a Good Home!

UPDATE: Bobo has come to live with us.Bobo is a beautiful Umbrella Cockatoo who loves cuddles, dancing on the floor whilst singing 'Lalala!' and putting his foot through the bars of his cage to hold your hand!Like many 'toos, he hasn't had the rosiest past. He spent two years shut in a greenhouse, but has... Continue Reading →

Three Things you Should Tell Visitors About Your Flock.

When you own birds and have visitors round your house, it's important to educate your guests. Parrots aren't a terribly commonplace pet, and many people tend to think of - and therefore treat - them like dogs, or maybe cats. Lots of people have experience with these animals, so it's only natural. We all base... Continue Reading →

A Poem About A Cockatiel.

Today I was writing poetry, when things went slightly amiss. Here, for your, erm... pleasure. (I may illustrate this eventually.) Two notes to make: I was writing poetry in the first place because I was trying to persuade Mavi to chew on the notepad. He was uninterested in his real toys and clearly bored out... Continue Reading →

Take That, Boulez (and Other Assorted Thoughts).

I finished my last full-length paper of the year and am officially on Easter holiday. Two thousand, five hundred words is not a lot. I typically write that much (and revise it a couple times) in maybe a one or two hour period, when writing a story or novel. But so many words on Boulez and... Continue Reading →

A Game to Help Tame Your Bird.

Or an experiment to try if your bird is already tame! It's a positive, basic, hands-off interaction based on body-language. You can do it through the bars of the cage, or even while your bird is out on his play stand. It can be a good way to introduce yourself to a new or timid... Continue Reading →

Bird Cages Are Not Evil.

I have heard it said that bird cages are evil. Look at the stunning parrot, a prisoner, when he should fly free. First, I like to remind these people that they are looking at (hopefully) captive-bred animals that have never been wild, and would therefore swiftly die if released there. Second, when people utter this... Continue Reading →

What to Do When Faced with A Challenge.

I've already written so many times that parrot ownership - of any bird, from budgies to cockatoos - is not for the faint of heart. Each individual in my flock has his or her own challenges. When you overcome these challenges, there's nothing better. You feel proud. In fact, you want to boast to everyone... Continue Reading →

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