Parrot Owners vs. Normal People:

Springtime with parrots 'meme' - which do you like better? (Feel free to share!)

Hormones and Your Parrot: the Triggers and What to Do.

Hormones strike twice a year in most parrots, spring and autumn, turning your bird from a gentle angle into a rampaging monster. Or so it feels! Upon reaching sexual maturity, typical parrots have a single driving urge: to find a mate and make babies. It is very simple, and yet also impossible for them. Hand-raised... Continue Reading →

Cuddles Mean Sex.

Good, now that I have your attention, let's talk about cuddling and what you're really telling your parrot when you snuggle up and pet him outside of his head, neck, and feet! Ari the Greenwinged Macaw is defending his mate (he is warning me AND her by beak-bashing, vocalising, and puffing up his feathers). When... Continue Reading →

First Challenge, and a Funny Video. I talk about a lot, especially since Bobo's come home. Let's just say that I knew from reading that site that it's no easy path with a 'too in the house. I feel it's a message worth repeating again and again. And, okay, 'not an easy path' is a huge understatement. It is... Continue Reading →

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