Eleven Ways Owning Parrots has Changed Me.

Owning parrots has changed me and my life - in some ways for the better, and (in the view of some, anyway), many ways not. Here is a reflection of how my life has morphed: Learning to forgo make-up. I could spend that time putting on make-up, or I could fill those foraging toys/chop veggies/Hoover... Continue Reading →

Parrots Aren’t the Only Birds That Talk…

We already knew that birds are incredible mimics, but did you know that starlings can talk? A kindy teacher in New Zealand rescued a fallen baby starling when she was on a walk, but it's almost certain that she never expected what came next... You can watch the full video (including lots of Buddy the... Continue Reading →

Day 8 – and My 150th Post!

Day 8, what's in my fridge for the flock: We have grapes, strawberries, blueberries, bananas (well, on the counter, but hey), garden peas, broccoli, mini corn, corn, rocket, romaine and iceberg lettuce, tuna fish, chickpeas, soy milk. And that'll last them... oh, a few days, anyway. And because this seems like a meagre amount for... Continue Reading →

Zoo Photo Shoot.

No, this post isn't what you might think. I'm mostly okay with zoos, at least the ones I've experienced. When the enclosures are enriched, spacious, and have private shelters for the animals, I think they are no bad thing! They can educate kids and adults alike, and besides, a lot of the animals were donated... Continue Reading →

A Poem About A Cockatiel.

Today I was writing poetry, when things went slightly amiss. Here, for your, erm... pleasure. (I may illustrate this eventually.) Two notes to make: I was writing poetry in the first place because I was trying to persuade Mavi to chew on the notepad. He was uninterested in his real toys and clearly bored out... Continue Reading →

Where Does a Ptak Bird Live?

Today, I had a hit on my blog from Google that made me look twice: Dear mysterious person of the Google search: He lives in Scotland. However, my Ptak bird is probably not the Ptak bird you seek. I am also disinclined to share him. I wish you all the best in finding your own.... Continue Reading →

Stealth Bird.

We put Mishka on the table beside us while we had a nap. This is what happened: And that, above, is what I saw when O. flicked on the light. Mishka pretended she'd started out there all along, and we went with it. It's best not to upset the creeper bird.

You Know You’re a Bird Owner When…

Top Ways You Know You Own Parrots: A bird flies at your face, and you don't flinch.¬†With perfect timing and no alarm at all, you put up a hand for her to land on. You know you're a bird owner when said bird slaps you in the face with her wings as she ignores your... Continue Reading →

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