Talking Parrots. Maverick the Senegal says his name for the camera... Wee parrotlet Ptak is the chattiest of all our flock; Mishka, the cockatiel, doesn't talk much - save for a rather evil impression of my laugh and an iPhone camera shutter noise. Mavi does say a few things, currently, but his forte is in mimicking... Continue Reading →

Parrot Facts: What You Never Knew.

Alternatively titled 'a bunch of parrot facts.' I'm, er, kind of bird obsessed. You might have noticed. I enjoy reading about all things feathered, but most especially parrots - and you can imagine that David Attenborough's Life of Birds is just about my favourite documentary ever, as much as I enjoy them all. Here are a few... Continue Reading →

Why Parrots Bite: A Theory.

I had a thought about why parrotlets and lovebirds can be perceived as so nippy. Many of us know already how parrots use the angle of their feathers to communicate. For example, a ruffling of the feathers on the back of the head, or lifting of those at the upper back, can mean a bird... Continue Reading →

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