Introducing the Cloud

So we all know the three birds of the flock: Ptak, Mavi, and Tayir. Troublemakers, I tell you. But who is the cloud? Meet baby Atlas, who will be coming home very soon! He's a Samoyed - an ancient breed of sled dog that originates in Russia. They're fluffy and friendly... and aptly referred to... Continue Reading →

Seven Reasons Why Parrots Are Not Good Pets.

Are parrots good pets? What is owning one like? In my opinion, no, they are not good pets at all - caring for them properly will consume your life, not that this is necessarily a bad thing. This article was inspired by my previous post, where I realised that I never defined why I feel parrots... Continue Reading →

Is Blow-Drying Safe for Parrots?

I thought talking about this would make a good post, as it's been on my mind for a long time now. Blow-drying is not good for your bird in two ways: First, it can dry out a parrot's skin. This is most relevant because many will begin to pluck when their skin feels itchy and... Continue Reading →

Parrotlets Are the Smartest Parrots.*

*According to my personal opinion highly in-depth research. Cough. Actually, I stumbled across an article called Problem Solving Parrots, which begins to suggest that parrotlets are highly intelligent (though owners don't need scientists to tell us that). Certainly they more than held their ground against cockatoos, lorikeets, and green-winged macaws. Indeed, the spectacled parrotlets of the study were... Continue Reading →

Days 23-25 – Dream Birds, Sleep, and Memories.

I realised most of the way through this challenge that I cut out day number 21 when the challenge image was moved into column format! Whoops. I can't remember what it even was, so I guess I'll make something up. Day 23: Dream bird? My list is endless, really, haha. I love them all. Truly,... Continue Reading →

[Insert Clever Title Here.]

It's been a strange month so far. A real high was getting to visit the Island Parrot Sanctuary. A relative low (just bittersweet, really) was making the decision to leave Bobo there. It's not often that we leave a bird - usually we're coming back with one! Still, it was the right decision. Another low was the... Continue Reading →

Plucked Parrots Are Beautiful, Too.

Please, do not buy parrots. I will let a few images speak for themselves: You can find more photos from the Sanctuary here and here.

Three Things you Should Tell Visitors About Your Flock.

When you own birds and have visitors round your house, it's important to educate your guests. Parrots aren't a terribly commonplace pet, and many people tend to think of - and therefore treat - them like dogs, or maybe cats. Lots of people have experience with these animals, so it's only natural. We all base... Continue Reading →

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