The Tambopata Macaw Project – Saving Scarlet Macaws

Saving wild scarlet macaws through conservation research.

I’m In the Newspaper – Future Avian Rescue.

If you've been keeping up with my blog, you know of my hopes of founding a parrot sanctuary here in the states. Well... I got interviewed about it. 😀 They got some facts quite wrong (e.g. Bobo and Mishka got swapped there), but the paper got the gist of it, and that's what matters.Because it... Continue Reading →

On Re-Homing a Bird: Five Becomes Four.

O. and I visited the Island Parrot Sanctuary on Kerrera yesterday with three lovely ladies. It was a fantastic trip. Even the weather held up! As we came in, it was cloudy and a bit cool. Then it warmed up as the sun came out. And... Truly... Clouds or no, Kerrera is a place you... Continue Reading →

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