Living with Parrots (from a Non-Bird Person’s Perspective)

What is life like with a parrot, you ask, maybe even from the perspective of someone who doesn't own the bird? It’s a question that many people want to know – for good reason. After all, these animals have a reputation for being difficult to live with due to their noise, mess-making capacity, and rampaging... Continue Reading →

On Keeping Our Pets Healthy

Our parrots love seed, nuts, cheese, chips, crisps, biscuits, crackers, and all kinds of other fatty, sugary, and salty things that aren't good for them. They may also love sipping on your soda, sleeping in your bed with you, getting 'sexual snuggles,' or chewing on something toxic. But we have to stop them. We play... Continue Reading →

How to React to a Biting Parrot.

I hear a lot of people ask what to do when a parrot bites, and the best solution to 'how to discipline a parrot' is to ignore. Even if your bird is the best-behaved, sweetest companion on the planet, chances are, you'll get bitten at least once - so this is important information to know.... Continue Reading →

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