Sometimes It’s Sunny in Scotland.

But not often. I slept late this morning, and so did the birds. When I got everyone up, it was stunningly bright. Sun, at this time of year in Scotland? We took advantage. Everyone basked in the sunbeams and I snapped some photos while it lasted. Afterward the sun vanished behind the inevitable clouds, Maverick and... Continue Reading →

‘Hi, Mavi!’

So declared this bundle of adorableness as I walked in the door to meet him. Maverick is a 4.5 year-old Senegal Parrot. We adopted him from a lovely couple who had to give him up due to personal reasons. He was well loved and cared for ('I LOVE you, Mavi') and is very handsome -... Continue Reading →

A Tip Concerning Water for Bird Owners. People always talk about how smart their pets are (and they are) but it's not as often that you hear about the silly moments. I happened to catch one of our cockatie's ahem, 'moments,' on video. Not her worst one to be sure, but it still made us laugh! Anyway, I recently thought of... Continue Reading →

Masters, Sch’masters. I put up a YouTube video of Ptak's favourite game. Parrotlets are funny little things - big birds in little packages, people say. It's true. Hopefully a silly parrotlet's antics can bring you a Tuesday evening smile! Moving on, I've been really debating the pros and cons of doing a master's degree over here.... Continue Reading →

Impromptu Bird Toys.

My flock can be picky about toys. Too big - too scary. Too colourful - distasteful. Too plastic - too boring. Too cottony - Mishka will hang herself on it and scare me to death (never again). But the best toy I ever gave them is (apparently) the end of a toilet roll. We buy inexpensive... Continue Reading →

Happy 2013.

Happy new year to all! I intentionally didn't do a reflective post yesterday... Instead, I want to look forward. Need to concentrate on learn positivity. Last year was full of good and bad - an okay year, not my favourite. I want to make the most of the coming year. My goals - yes, okay,... Continue Reading →

Cotton Perches Can Be Exceptionally Dangerous.

I wrote a long post for today and was nearly ready to put it up, but just as I was getting ready to proofread, our cockatiel, Mishka (returned home not an hour ago), got thread from her favourite rope perch wrapped around her neck.She squealed.I turned, and saw immediately what was wrong. She likes to hide... Continue Reading →

The Pets We Love.

Yesterday I got poor Charlie's cage out of the cupboard for a scrub. It's now the travel cage, and I want it spotless before I put any of the other birds inside... Yeah, it's been awhile, but I still miss him every day. I thought I'd do a bit of a sappy post in memory... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Travelling With Pets.

With Christmas coming up, a lot of us are probably going to be travelling with pets. I can tell you that I'm pretty stressed out wondering how I'm going to safely transport my feathered friends via train. Having travelled by rail before with the birds, I know that people are always curious as to what's... Continue Reading →

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