New Blog Theme – What Do You Think?

Hmm, I've decided that I need to interject a little more colour into my blog. What do you think of the theme? It feels like I've only just changed it, but I stumbled across this on my WordPress reader and quite liked it! I'm definitely a black and white kind of girl, so choosing a... Continue Reading →

Strange Moment of the Day.

Strange moment of the day: Pip, our canary, was so excited about breakfast that she dove under my fingers as I was pouring the seeds from my palm. Her head was touching me - a big no-no in her book; she is a strictly hands-off bird - and she merrily ate away. It was only when I... Continue Reading →

When You’re Busy…

I fear that I am caught up in papers and research at the moment... I just finished one essay - on Charles Ives and his symphonic works, no less - and have one more to go. In the meantime, I'll try and update as I can, but sadly it's got to take a back seat... Continue Reading →

Talking Parrot: A Video. We had another glorious day of sun today, and the birds spent it basking on the couch by the window. The smallest one was particularly enamoured, as you can see in the video. Sunlight is rather flattering to his blues. Ptak has also, just by the by, mastered Mishka's song. It's quite adorable, as... Continue Reading →

Sometimes It’s Sunny in Scotland.

But not often. I slept late this morning, and so did the birds. When I got everyone up, it was stunningly bright. Sun, at this time of year in Scotland? We took advantage. Everyone basked in the sunbeams and I snapped some photos while it lasted. Afterward the sun vanished behind the inevitable clouds, Maverick and... Continue Reading →

Masters, Sch’masters. I put up a YouTube video of Ptak's favourite game. Parrotlets are funny little things - big birds in little packages, people say. It's true. Hopefully a silly parrotlet's antics can bring you a Tuesday evening smile! Moving on, I've been really debating the pros and cons of doing a master's degree over here.... Continue Reading →

Happy 2013.

Happy new year to all! I intentionally didn't do a reflective post yesterday... Instead, I want to look forward. Need to concentrate on learn positivity. Last year was full of good and bad - an okay year, not my favourite. I want to make the most of the coming year. My goals - yes, okay,... Continue Reading →

How I Came to Scotland and was Enslaved By Birds.

Before coming to Scotland, I had never moved in my entire life. I hadn't even travelled before. Ever. It seems almost strange to think that I had lived in my childhood home with my childhood pets for so long - and then, after high school and two years of community college (where I pottered around... Continue Reading →

Solution to my Parrot’s Biting Issues.

My parrotlet was biting my fingers quite hard today and left a nice bruise. A few days ago, I read some claims online that a smaller beak equals a 'less painful' bite. I feel like I should say this is untrue. It can hurt very badly and will even draw blood. Parrotlets certainly love to chew fingers, too. For this... Continue Reading →

The Flock

I guess I should start at the beginning. When I wrote this, my first post ever on Students with Birds Blog, there were just six of us: four birds and two slaves humans. Our first birds, Charlie and Pip, were a pet-shop impulse buy. I'd actually been hoping for a pet for a long time, but circumstances... Continue Reading →

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