Days 9-11 – Parrots Have Bad Habits.

Day 9: Worst habit. You might think 'worst habit' and 'parrot' would automatically equal something along the lines of chewing, biting, etc., but all that is really only a fact of life. (That's not to say sometimes I don't wish parrots were less voracious chewers!) Ptak's worst habit is getting underfoot. The little monster likes... Continue Reading →

Blog challenge – Day 2.

15 Facts about the flock. 1. Ptak weighs just 30 grams and is the smallest of the birds. He can sit on the edge of two sheets of A4 printer paper without bending them. 2. Mishka makes camera noises when she wants her photo taken. 3. We think she likes the camera because it means... Continue Reading →

Scattered Thoughts.

Warning: Health (and health-care) rant! If you don't care for those, you can just skip to the photos at the bottom. Lesser-known fact, I have issues with sleep. Chronic exhaustion has been my lifelong companion. Some of my earliest memories are of being literally dragged out of bed by my mum because it was well... Continue Reading →

Escape Artist Parrot.

I caught Bobo levering open the top of his cage today and kind of... whackamoled him back in. To be fair, I was far gentler than my choice of so-called 'verb' suggests, but I did usher him back down with some sense of urgency! I've ended up padlocking it shut, much to Bobo's dismay. He... Continue Reading →

Talking Parrots. Maverick the Senegal says his name for the camera... Wee parrotlet Ptak is the chattiest of all our flock; Mishka, the cockatiel, doesn't talk much - save for a rather evil impression of my laugh and an iPhone camera shutter noise. Mavi does say a few things, currently, but his forte is in mimicking... Continue Reading →

Feeding Parrots – The Importance of Good Diet.

One of the most important things you can offer your parrot ¬†is a good diet. This includes, of course, quality fresh fruit and veg, amongst other things. A purely seed-only diet is not suitable for any bird, and is, in fact, akin to giving them sweets or chocolate for every meal. You should have a... Continue Reading →

What to Do When Faced with A Challenge.

I've already written so many times that parrot ownership - of any bird, from budgies to cockatoos - is not for the faint of heart. Each individual in my flock has his or her own challenges. When you overcome these challenges, there's nothing better. You feel proud. In fact, you want to boast to everyone... Continue Reading →

Sometimes It’s Sunny in Scotland.

But not often. I slept late this morning, and so did the birds. When I got everyone up, it was stunningly bright. Sun, at this time of year in Scotland? We took advantage.¬†Everyone basked in the sunbeams and I snapped some photos while it lasted. Afterward the sun vanished behind the inevitable clouds, Maverick and... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Senegal Parrot Maverick!

Our newest flock member, Maverick, is a lovely boy. I have to say again, we're so happy to have him join our flock - but the experience is bittersweet. His owners, as I mentioned, had to give him up for personal reasons, and so while we're excited, it's still heartbreaking to imagine. I know I'd... Continue Reading →

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