[Mildly] Successful Parrot Blogs: How to Have One.

While I don't consider Students with Birds Blog a massively successful endeavour, I do think it is doing okay for a small-timer, and I'm proud of it. Three-hundred-some followers, hey, I'll take it. That number does seem tiny compared to those blogs with thousands of subscribers, but writing about a highly focussed, narrow topic like... Continue Reading →

Day 4 – Training Tip for Bird Owners.

The best training tip I can offer relates to avian diet. ¬†Feeding fresh, healthy food helps your bird feel his best. A bird who feels good often behaves better and bites less. Behavioural issues can often be helped, if not cured, by 'fixing' a bird 'from the inside out.' I have been experimenting with Mavi's... Continue Reading →

How to Teach Your Parrots to Talk.

I could never, ever give up my parrotlet. If you want personality and character in a tiny bird, celestial parrotlets are it. Ptak never stops going - he's always moving, always playing. I've learnt that you can't expect him to sit still with you - doing so will probably result in a bite. But if... Continue Reading →

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