The Big Trip: Getting My Birds Out of Quarantine.

This entire process has been a complete nightmare, but it has been made easier by some lovely people who were very patient and understanding. And it's over now! I have to thank Leslie at Animal Couriers, who made sure they got here after everything was said and done (and for all her advice); Howard Haas,... Continue Reading →

Can You Guess What?

I will hopefully (hopefully)¬†have some exciting news as of tomorrow evening! I plan on posting a hint in the morning to see if you can guess what it might be. I'll give you a shout-out if you get it right. Also, I made a Facebook page in commemoration of said event. You should follow me... Continue Reading →

For Christmas This Year, I Received a Look of Betrayal.

Pip the canary and Mishka the cockatiel have both been packed off to the parrot boarding place. Everything went smoothly except¬†the weather. Of course it rained; that's the law of travel. But our poor cockatiel managed to have a little sense and not flap madly around in her travel carrier and break anything - which... Continue Reading →

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