Why I Love Parrots as Companion Animals

Parrots may not make good pets, but I was thinking about this: There are endless reasons why I love them anyway. I'd never give my birds up if I had any kind of a choice! It takes a saint-like amount of patience to live with one...as well as an immunity to mess, noise, and waste...yet... Continue Reading →

Bobo the Umbrella Cockatoo Update.

I apologise for being so horribly, horribly lax with my posts - I've been a bit glum, I admit, as I'm leaving Scotland very soon. Didn't want to moan too much. I have lots of posts to come, and will of course finish my blog challenge! In the meantime, enjoy a clip of our Bobo... Continue Reading →

Days 9-11 – Parrots Have Bad Habits.

Day 9: Worst habit. You might think 'worst habit' and 'parrot' would automatically equal something along the lines of chewing, biting, etc., but all that is really only a fact of life. (That's not to say sometimes I don't wish parrots were less voracious chewers!) Ptak's worst habit is getting underfoot. The little monster likes... Continue Reading →

On Re-Homing a Bird: Five Becomes Four.

O. and I visited the Island Parrot Sanctuary on Kerrera yesterday with three lovely ladies. It was a fantastic trip. Even the weather held up! As we came in, it was cloudy and a bit cool. Then it warmed up as the sun came out. And... Truly... Clouds or no, Kerrera is a place you... Continue Reading →

First Challenge, and a Funny Video.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlvx4O-WF4A I talk about mytoos.com a lot, especially since Bobo's come home. Let's just say that I knew from reading that site that it's no easy path with a 'too in the house. I feel it's a message worth repeating again and again. And, okay, 'not an easy path' is a huge understatement. It is... Continue Reading →

Cockatoo Cuddles.

Cockatoo cuddles are known for being unlike most parrots' cuddles. They're very... well, forceful... and very sweet. There's something quite adorable about it. But I have a paranoia about keeping it 'PG,' so to speak. It's pretty difficult when this 24" bird pushes himself onto you with such insistence. You might guess that we lot... Continue Reading →

I’ll Hold Your Hand.

 I try not to post more than one thing in a day, but I had to share. What a cutie! 

Introducing Bobo, the Umbrella Cockatoo.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZcwq0GKnQI&feature=youtu.be I said to myself, 'No more new birds in the house...' And I especially said, 'No white cockatoos!' But then I met Bobo. So ::shuffle shuffle:: I guess this is his introductory post! His age is unknown, but he is definitely an adult. He spent two years locked in a greenhouse, although the time before... Continue Reading →

Cockatoo (No Longer) Looking For a Good Home!

UPDATE: Bobo has come to live with us.Bobo is a beautiful Umbrella Cockatoo who loves cuddles, dancing on the floor whilst singing 'Lalala!' and putting his foot through the bars of his cage to hold your hand!Like many 'toos, he hasn't had the rosiest past. He spent two years shut in a greenhouse, but has... Continue Reading →

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