Flighted or Not: Should I Clip My Parrot’s Wings?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc7udbPw7TY We here at Students with Birds Blog are firmly against clipping a parrot's wings unless in a medical situation (for instance, if you need to keep your bird from flying because he or she has an injury), and feel that clipping┬áis very harmful.┬áI linked the video above because it shows my fully flighted parrots... Continue Reading →

Life with Fully Flighted Parrots

One thing I'll never do is clip my birds' wings. I'm pretty fortunate that my flat has a little entrance vestibule leading into the foyer - which means I can seal that off and have the birds out and about, without fear of one escaping accidentally. They have to be supervised constantly, mind you, and... Continue Reading →

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