[Mildly] Successful Parrot Blogs: How to Have One.

While I don't consider Students with Birds Blog a massively successful endeavour, I do think it is doing okay for a small-timer, and I'm proud of it. Three-hundred-some followers, hey, I'll take it. That number does seem tiny compared to those blogs with thousands of subscribers, but writing about a highly focussed, narrow topic like... Continue Reading →

Two days ago, I wrote that Charlie died in the night. Our sweet little canary is very, very missed, but time is helping ease the sting. Honestly, I still can't believe it. I've made a couple minor decisions... First, we're going to sell the canaries' old travel cage (a tiny round thing). Once sanitised, Charlie's... Continue Reading →

Dream Job: Crazy Bird Lady.

As the start of the new school year looms on the horizon, I mentally brace myself for the upcoming challenge. Sometimes - though not often - I seriously wish I could go work in something other than music. Sure, I love it. I love playing viola. But I love it a lot less at the end of... Continue Reading →

When You’re Under the Weather (and You Own Parrots).

Personally, there is nothing worse than when you're feeling crap - maybe a migraine coming on - and you know you have to take care of the birds, but you seriously don't feel well enough to do it. Not even just 'feeling bad, wish I could skip for a night,' but more of a 'I'm going to... Continue Reading →

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