Greetings from the Flock

We're back! I don't know for how long, but I hope to post a bit more frequently than, you know, not at all. Long story made very short, I've been working long hours to keep the flock supplied with toys, and focussing on them when I'm home, rather than posting. Ptak loathes any device that... Continue Reading →

What To Do If You Got a Parrot For Christmas (or Your Birthday).

Parrots are honestly not good presents, but that doesn't mean that people don't give them anyway. If you got a parrot, canary, or finch as a gift, the first step is to educate yourself. Find out about good diet, basic parrot or finch care,and training, to start. Arm yourself with knowledge. You will need to make a... Continue Reading →

The Role of Diet and UV Light in Avian Behavioural Issues.

I type this with my parrotlet, Ptak, sitting on my hand - an unprecedented behaviour. He is exhausted, having just been to see the Big, Bad Vet (hereby known as the BBV**). At the clinic, the BBV reached into the offensive tub of travelling and plucked him gently out. Afterwards, Ptak was subjected to many... Continue Reading →

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